Thursday, 2 September 2010

A hawker from a handsaw?

Norfolk's wetlands are so rich in fauna and flora, that even a simple bank holiday stroll can yield something scintillating. We found these dragonflies sunning themselves on a fence around a marshy paddock. Intermittently one would break from its basking to catch a passing aphid, which would then be audibly crunched back on the wooden sun-lounger. Supremely indifferent to our presence, even settling on my head, they seemed almost to pose for these photographs (superbly taken by Chris Stokes), which allow for a tentative identification as Aeshna Isosceles, the Norfolk Hawker.

Juxtaposed with their late summer presence, the stirrings of autum could be seen in what seems like a prolific amount of fungi bursting forth all around us. This bleeding of seasons, one into another, enriches the snapshots I had as periodic visitor.

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