Sunday, 22 November 2015

Buckenham Again

In they drift, from across the broad-bottomed Yare valley and beyond. My solid ground, their purview, my perspective partial. Is their rhythm in their influx, cause and effect that were I to look long enough I would perceive? I know the shape of things; the first opening chapters of aggregation, the caesuric interlude, the third phase of swirling, screaming biomass, the final act of downrush then all dusky, chattered coda.  But tonight, as ever, I doubt the completion of the story; tonight my fears say the narrative will be broken. I have ruined it with my clumsy stroll up the platform; I have come too late, gone too early, been an interloper. Exiled, I should not have come here.

But I cannot break this, nor yet can I impose sense on it, just be in it once again, now in sound, now in crepuscular drizzle. To see all would be to be wise of the sense of it, but to not see it does not mean there is none. Let it be. Let it always be. And breathe.

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Lost and Found Exhibition

'Lost and Found' exhibition opened in Bath earlier tonight and I spent a terrific evening talking to interesting people about ideas, memory, collecting, totems and other things. Also talked about the collection of found specimens and the difficulties of their preservation and display, always great to talk to new people about ideas and I drove home trying to clarify what I am doing with my artwork, useful to draw a line sometimes and reflect. Thanks to everyone who came along and if you find yourself in or near Bath then please come and have a look. 44AD Gallery is just next to the Cathedral in the centre of town and the show is free and open until 4pm this Sunday.