Monday, 24 January 2011


A cold winter's day. Pulled some of the reeds out of the school pond as I do every year to stop it all growing over. Ice on some of the surface and although this should be the quietest time in the year, ref wildlife, things are clearly stirring in readiness for the spring. Saw quite a number of newts both smooth and great crested, and also several frogs and dragonfly larvae. The great crested newts are already in full breeding colours and not wishing to disturb them I decided to leave much of the weeds alone as they were clearly visible crawling up to the surface to breath. The Great Crested, or warty newt, Triturus cristatus, is very protected and we need to get more advice at the school about ensuring that we are doing all we can to help them. Such beautiful creatures, the males with their large jagged dorsal fin, white tail stripe and bright orange spotted belly, so much larger than the smooth newts that they share the pond with.

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  1. One of my earliest natural history memories is of looking for newts near Framingham Pigot with my uncle and aunt. I shall go to the breeding ponds at Wymondham soon to see if they are out of hibernation.