Sunday, 13 March 2011

Specimen Show & Cuckoo

My exhibition 'Specimen,' of natural history related artworks is going well at Wells Museum.

Lucy is also sure that she heard a cuckoo yesterday. She said that she heard it consistently for half an hour and it was definitely a cuckoo and not a wood pigeon. Frogs still all croaking at night and the frogspawn is slowly developing. Frosts have been replaced by consistent rain so everything will be growing fast over the next week.

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  1. There's an old-time American song called 'The Cuckoo' which you can see here This has the line 'She never says Cuckoo 'til the 4th day July'. That may be the case in Appalachia, but here in the UK it is definitely earlier, with the earliest recorded Cuckoo on 18th April (coincidentally my birthday, though I've never heard one that early). So this one would be extremely early!

    Glad the show is going well