Friday, 23 March 2012

Spring things

I've been rather distracted for a few weeks by 'acting' as I appeared and died in a recent Agatha Christie play, and alongside work and family it has rather reduced daylight hedge-finder opportunities. However I remember a few notable recent observations. Swerving to avoid mating toads crossing the road embraced and oblivious on the levels near Mere. Amazed to see a large crane, flying high over the trees as I drove into Bath to drop a sculpture off for an exhibition two weeks ago. A tired spring honey bee on the scaffolding plank next to my face as I lay painting a window frame, dopey with pollen laden legs. The sudden return this week of butterflies, with brimstones in the sunshine on the tree lined lane to the playing fields and pairs of the first tortoiseshells tumbling into the road and I think the first waking peacock this afternoon, fleeting past as I drove the back road into Ashcott. Suicidal baby rabbits bowling on and off the verges as I cycle to work and newly excavated holes and burrows in all of the ditches, the ground still bare but with plants just waiting to explode with green and hide everything.

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  1. It's going so crazy round here I can't seem to get a grip on it either! Loads of butterflies - comma, peacock, red admiral, brinstone etc. Still no action in our nest box cam yet though...