Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Ants and Slugs

In this kingdom of rains where the slug is king I notice that there are other happenings in the natural world. One thing that has become particularly evident in the recent weeks is that there are ants everywhere, both red and black, and that they are clearly on the march, with new nests under everything. I only have to move a sheet of plastic, an old tile, a play-mat or log to uncover a new nest. As such a colony is accidentally discovered all hell breaks loose and the worker ants rush about making the exposed eggs safe and the winged ants run for cover. I imagine that the ants are expanding out from older nests and looking for every opportunity to make their world of tunnels in rain protected sites.

There are also baby slugs everywhere at the moment and I don't recall ever seeing so many young ones.

On a different note, as I drove past Greinton to get wood I saw a little owl flying along a wall, this afternoon at about 3pm, shortly followed by a peregrine falcon, which was a bit unusual.

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