Sunday, 9 February 2014

Somerset flooding continues.

Prince Charles on a trailer on a decorated bench, the head of the environment agency, various ministers and even David Cameron (v briefly) - have all been  down to see the Somerset levels this week to look at the floods and to be photographed looking at the floods...Talking to John and Charlotte, at the Kings Sedgemoor Equestrian Centre this morning, it was clear just how difficult many people are finding it. I was there, with other Ashcott Beer Fest volunteers, moving all of our stored equipment from one barn to another to make room for more horse stabling as so many people are flooded out and looking for dry places to look after their animals. They were talking about some owners rescuing their horses from belly deep floodwater and how other horse owners nationwide have been donating feed and straw to help those trying to cope. There are suggestions that some new areas of farmland are now being allowed to flood to take the depth away from other areas and certainly there is a lot of action at the end of the King's Sedgemoor drain in Bridgwater, with a large section of road cordoned off as the huge recently imported dutch pumps are getting lined up ready for action. (*See Lucy's photo out of the van window, above) The Lions Club are collecting for flood victims in the Sainsburys foyer, a member of Street Sub Aqua club scuba dived on the levels last weekend and this evening we watched kayakers paddling across the fields alongside the Taunton Road as we drove home. I took a couple of photos out of the car window of the levels looking south beneath Moorlinch with the low sun on the water, see beneath, a sight once common in this ancient landscape of island communities and raised wooden walkways.

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