Sunday, 16 October 2016

A dead owl, blackberries and honey. (* Not a recipe)

Found a dead tawny owl on the back road to Glastonbury last Sunday, in remarkably good condition considering it had clearly met a sudden end on the front of a car. Had planned to mount it but, as with most taxidermy projects, 2 or 3 days passed before I went back up to the shed only to find that to my horror a rat had got to it and eaten most of it. I salvaged the wings this afternoon however and have pinned them out to dry, the cabinet from last year's quarry artwork making a rather fine drying cabinet.

The autumn marches on with the last blackberries still adorning the hedges, conkers still under the trees, the starlings begining to collect together and the last beekeeping duties coming to a seasonal conclusion with the last honey now in jars and varroa treatments applied.

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