Thursday, 10 November 2011

Hunting the Hunted - New Artwork & Crayfish

Great evening at the opening of the Hunting the Hunted show at the Bo-Lee gallery in Bath. Long conversation with Patrick, artist friend who makes sculptures with birds, about all-sorts of natural history shenanigans and my new box of crayfish 'Eclection #1'. He says that the steam, or river tributary, at the bottom of his garden is positively swarming with crayfish. Apparently if you put a bit of fruit sacking into the river with a piece of bacon tied to it you only have to wait for 30 seconds or so for streams of bubbles to rise from the surrounding mud, which apparently indicates crayfish leaving their lairs. Within about 3 or 4 minutes you can have as many as 8 in the net ! Patrick says he can sometimes hear squeals coming up from the stream, when they are in the house, as families get excited as crayfish are discovered and apparently they are quite feisty and likely to nip. Another couple from Oxford said that they catch so many in a small trap they have, that it's all they can do to eat them all. Adam and I must try harder next year, and to start with perhaps we should visit Patrick in Bath for a Saturday morning by his stream with a picnic.

Hunting the Hunted Exhibition - opened this Friday

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