Wednesday, 30 November 2011


In my week off work, I also spent a bit of time hiding in the local fields with a camera to see what came along. And what came along on a distinctly warm, un-Novemberish day (it felt more like spring!) was this Green Woodpecker (Picus viridis). As it hopped around, picking up ants, it seemed somehow 'sped up' and quite comical. Having filmed it, I rooted around in my archive of music I've recorded over years to find something that would work with it. Having tried numerous more pastoral and gentle options I found this distinctly angular piece which somehow seemed to fit the way that it moved:

I'm not sure that it's the 'right' music but it was an interesting exercise for me in seeing how a soundtrack imparts a mood to a natural phenomenon. I hope to explore this more over coming months.

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  1. Hi Ads
    Great bit of film. We really must try to get our act together for the 12 month collaboration next year, sound and sculpture. I talked to the Music Tech lecturers at work who might be interested in helping to make it work. We should talk about this over Christmas. I am off to football practice this morning and their is always a Gt Spotted woodpecker chirping in the highest branches of the oak trees.