Sunday, 15 April 2012

First House Martins

As we left the garden centre this afternoon I saw a group of four house martins tumbling about in the sky, the first of the year.

A friend on Facebook said that she saw a swallow last week but I haven't seen one yet, or any swifts, but these were certainly martins. I have however seen a lot of buzzards recently and many being mobbed by crows with jackdaws also full of beans stealing moss from our roof and other nesting materials or food from the garden. I've also unusually seen three foxes in the daylight in the last 10 days, the one yesterday on the back road near Mere, stopping to look at us nonchalantly as it trotted across the road 20 yards ahead of us. Adam and I found fox scat on the marshland in Claxton, and in it a small claw, possibly another young owl fallen from a nest and scavenged perhaps ? The foxes have presumably got the wind in their sails as they busily support young cubs in their dens and have to keep food on the family table.

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  1. I note from last year's blog entry that I saw the first swallows near us on 16th April, so I would expect to see them this week. No house martins yet that I've seen though they are back in the county. Swifts normally a bit later in early May.