Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Inquisitive Seals

Went for a morning walk along the coast at Horsey gap to see if we could see any seals hauled up on the beach. We walked for about half a mile along the tide line picking up mermaids purses and found three small dead sea mice. We were followed for the whole walk by two seals which observed us from the shore edge consistently and this is behaviour that I've seen before. They were clearly interested in what we were up to and stayed within a couple of meters of the shore, with their backs in a couple of feet of water so that they felt safe. We walked as far as the rock breakwater and there were indeed two seals up on the beach which were tussling with each other before they rolled into the water on our approach. Beautiful but cold spring morning and as we walked back we found tracks of seals, that had made there way up into the dunes even this late in the season, clearly recognisable as webbed paw prints in the soft sand.

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