Saturday, 22 September 2012

Beautiful Mill Bay, Devon, UK

A terrific weekend on the Devon South coast with family, staying in East Prawle where we used to camp and dive the wrecks of the 'Bolt' with the poly club. Nothing has changed, as beautiful as ever and we all enjoyed the last of the summer sun today in wonderful Mill Bay. Got the little ferry over to Salcombe for lunch and walked back along the sand in the afternoon as the tide receded and  we picked up shells and bits of crabs and looked in the small caves. I have very fond memories of waiting on the beach here, as a new diver, for the first wave to return in the hope that as we headed back out, towards the wrecks and past Wolf rock, that we might be lucky enough to see a basking shark.

Watched two herring gulls having a good time dismantling an edible crab and others squabbling over an unfortunate sand eel and we also found a tiny spider crab on one of the mooring ropes retaining the tenders moored in the estuary. I have never seen such a delicate crab, possibly a 'Leaches spider crab.' Inachus phalangium Bertie held it carefully for a while before we put it into the sea and we continued looking for sea potatos, (urchins), in the surf, buzzards calling overhead and the weather on the turn.

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