Sunday, 9 September 2012

RIP Terry Nutkins

I was sad to hear that Terry Nutkins has died, from Leukaemia aged 66. It was great to see him quite recently on Deadly 60, with the equally enthusiastic Steve Backshaw interviewing, and it seemed so perfect that he lived in beautiful Glenelg near the Isle of Skye. 

A wonderful character and one of several people who inspired me to explore my love for natural history as a child -  ( Others include: Gerrald Durrel, David Attenborough, Tony Soaper, David Bellamy, David Attenborugh, Ted Ellis and Willard Price ). I so remember watching Terry on Johnny Morris's animal magic with Gemini his sea lion in the big tank and being fascinated by the story of the otter that bit his fingers off. Such a genuinely enthusiastic presenter who so clearly loved the animals he was talking about and who will be sadly missed.


  1. He was an inspiration to so many of our generation. Sad to hear he has died at a relatively young age. I see Ron Taylor has also died

  2. I saw Valerie Taylor once at a dive show. Ron was a terrific cameraman and ambassador for the undersea world. The Blue Water White Death book, 'Blue Meridian', is a terrific read, from a time that now seems so distant in both date and in attitudes, a world that seemed impossibly large and still full of wonder and risk can at times now seem so trampled and reduced.