Saturday, 5 October 2013

Another caterpillar

Following on from Dunc's caterpillar, this is one I found in the garden. I think it is the caterpillar of the Pale Tussock moth Calliteara pudibunda. Given that it 'used to be a pest of hop', and we have hops growing in our hedge, it would make sense if it were that.

It shouldn't be a suprise that there seem to be a lot of caterpillars around at the moment, as it was an excellent year for butterflies and moths. They are great - such extraordinary things which come in all sorts of amazing variations and colours, and with the added textural delight of hairs and assorted protuberances. This one could be a Jim Henson creation...

1 comment:

  1. They are extraordinarily beautiful and elaborate creatures and so often overlooked. I recall catching hairy caterpillars as a child and then developing a rash and having to see the family Dr who with detective work style questioning, identified the culprit. 'Does your son crawl around in the grass and hedges picking up caterpillars ?'