Friday, 13 June 2014

Reduced Magpie

There are are lots of optimistic magpies in and around the Sainsbury's carpark in Street and everytime I go there in the evening, to the cashpoint or to get milk, I see this young magpie in the carpark. It appears to have no tail and I wonder if perhaps as a youngster it escaped in some dramatic way from something, perhaps a fox or cat. It hops around the cars and pedestrians with the confident gait and intelligent manner displayed by so many of the crow family. It doesn't have the balance and drama of the adult magpies cavorting in cocky gangs around the petrol station with their long tails but it's still able to catch your eye with it's iridescent wing markings. I can only suppose that deprived of other options it is reduced to feasting on the off-cast chips thrown from the 'cool kids' (not) car windows.

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