Friday, 20 June 2014

Vobster Shoals

I was collecting my air-fills from Vobster Quay diving centre last night and sat watching the goggled triathletes swimming their miles around the surface of the flooded quarry. Divers were climbing in and out for the last dives of the evening, light enough to see in the depths until 9 at night although it must be pretty gloomy under the steep walls of the old stone workings. I've dived here many times over the last decade but without a buddy I sat watching others and looking forward to my weekend on Lundy Island at the end of the month. Clear water is beautiful and enticing on a summer evening and I peered down at the submerged rock tumbles looking for the elusive white claw crayfish but have yet to see one here in their inland refuge from the invasive American signal crayfish. 

The water under the moored boats, and in the shadow of the various platforms, was teaming with shoals of roach and rudd hiding from imagined predators above whilst also no doubt keeping half an eye on the slow moving but muscled perch gliding quietly beneath with their tiger stripes.

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