Tuesday, 5 August 2014


Peppered Moth
Had a fabulous night of moth-trapping with the South Yare Wildlife Group over the weekend. 3 traps overnight yielded over 50 species identified with many more micro moths and just sheer huge numbers. As I've commented before moth names are wonderful, some extraordinary gothic others just weird. I wonder who named them - were they named through folk tradition or was there a specific exercise in naming them by some Victorian Naturalist?? Favourites include 'Hebrew Character', 'Canary-shouldered Thorn' and 'Ruby Tiger'.

Black Arches

Large Emerald

Poplar Hawk Moth


  1. Great moths Ads, love the polar hawk moth. I'm still waiting for my special Watkins and Doncaster bulbs which I hope to take to France so I can jerry-rig a trap. I have seen several garden tigers recently and also burnets, and Gary in the next village photographed a hummingbird hawk moth last week.

  2. Wish I was joining you for that - you should get some fabulous 'mothing' over there. We've had Hummingbird Hawkmoths here but never when I have a camera to hand!