Saturday, 28 March 2015

CSI Somerset

Work has been rather consuming in recent weeks, however in-between-times, moments in lunch breaks and after work, I have continued with my track casting experiments. I have so far cast prints from a stoat, polecat, blackbird and moorhen and have experimented with clay(*first firing in kiln), plaster and pewter. I had also collected a badger from the road a few weeks ago but then got distracted and by the time that I got around to opening the dustbin bag in the garden it had 'turned', that is, natural processes had made the collection of prints more challenging than even I would attempt. 

As I pack up my boxes of tweezers, magnifying glasses and latex gloves, for an owl pellet dismantling workshop that I am running at the Windmill city Farm in Bristol today,  I realise that my work has more and more in common with the world of forensics - as to be currently seen in the wonderful 'Anatomy of Crime' exhibition at the Wellcome Collection in London where I enjoyed a fascinating, if rather unsettling, afternoon with my students this week.

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