Monday, 2 March 2015

Polecat Artwork

Enjoying exploring ways to capture 'evidence' of the polecat. Several clay paw-print tiles are in the kiln currently and I have cast a series of plaster and pewter paw print casts from the various clay impressions that I made last week. I had a tip-off today that there may be another roadkill polecat on another section of road and I'm going to drive that way tomorrow morning on the way to work to check. I enjoyed drawing it on Sunday and now its immersed in a bucket of water so that I can retrieve, and hopefully re-assemble, the bones later in the year.

It feels very spring-like today, we woke to wet snowfall, I cycled through partially flooded roads to work and then it was beautifully sunny this afternoon and still light enough to see on the ride home at 6.30, so great after months of darkness. The rabbit warrens along the backroads to work are all spilling underground excavations down the banks as the tunnels and burrows are being cleared for the spring. I saw honeybees on the heather yesterday enjoying the sunshine but I haven't seen any bumblebees here yet although the blackbirds are now really going for it and there seem to be more wrens about than usual.

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  1. Seeing light through Hellington Church porch on the cycle home is always a milestone of the coming spring, and it was there this week, to my delight.