Thursday, 2 April 2015

Bee hives and field edges.

A great couple of Easter holiday days just enjoying being in the village. Went for a walk yesterday evening along the footpaths over the fields beyond the road to the front of the house walking the field edges green with young nettles. We jumped the stream in search of rabbit skeletons and other treasures and made our way along the edge of the Taunton road with cars tearing back and forth beyond the hedge. I've walked field edges all of my life with eyes forever on the ground incase of fossils, flint arrow heads or other wonders turned over by a plough. I've never seen an arrow head, in the wild, but I recall listening with childhood envy to another boy who told me about finding them whilst we attended museum club together in Norwich castle many years ago. 

This evening we worked on the repair and painting of hives in preparation for the anticipated spring swarms, the plan being to have hives ready to receive passing swarms as bait hives or if the opportunity presents, to house a captured swarm. Terrific to be working in the shed in the apiary field as my children charged about and all keeping an eye out for the buzzards that are nesting nearby. No swallows yet but with every day the ferns promise to unfold, the blossoms on the pear tree develop and the primroses carpet more of the roadside verges and with the clocks now forward it's only a matter of time.

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