Monday, 13 April 2015

More paw prints and birds.

Cycling to work at college after Easter and the spring is really, properly, definitely here. No gloves or waterproof jacket and welcome sunshine on the ride into work and on the 6-o-clock cycle back up the hill. Watched robins moving in to the bird box in the blooming pear tree last night, although my enthusiastic daughter nearly scared them off again with some close-up instagramme photography. The birds are all jumping from hedge to hedge with beaks full of worms and grass and the chaffinches, chiff-chaffs, blackbirds and goldfinches were in full song on the Whitley road through the fields this evening. 

I returned in the car before tea to collect badger footprints from the dead badger that I had cycled past on the roadside. It had clearly been there for a week or so but I managed to carefully manhandle it so that I could impress it's paws in the clay. Large distinct pad prints with the toes closely packed together and long solid claws on each toe. I'll cast positives from these in plaster tomorrow and fire a set of clay negative impressions in the kiln.

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