Saturday, 16 January 2016

Cold sharp morning sunshine.

Beautiful winter morning and although its probably the coldest week so far there is clearly more light earlier and later in the day and the air has a clarity as it sheds the gloomy light of November and December. Ice on the pond and on the  leaf filled paddling pool and the children are happy inside in-front of a morning weekend fire. Woken this morning by the sparrows that live in our roof, stamping and fluttering about and chirping, so full of character and energy. I don't really know what they're doing in the loft as it's in a rather inaccessible corner and I rather like their presence but I fear they're making inroads into the space, perhaps they're building things, is it too early for nesting ? As predicted the cold has disrupted the early over amorous frogs, seen in the pond a couple of weeks ago but I'm sure the cold won't last and the spring will be upon us soon. Enjoying the cold cycle to work each day,  into the rising sun, low over the hedges and farms, the steaming cows and lines of starlings collecting along the telegraph wires as they coordinate their day's activities after a night in the reeds. On the other side of the world friends Facebook from the end of summer in New Zealand and the T-shirt wearing weather in the Falklands.

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