Friday, 5 February 2016

First Frogspawn 2016

Friday 05th February 2016 - Much earlier than the last two years and no surprise after this mild winter. They have been croaking away through the night since 5th January, clearly audible between the sounds of wind and passing traffic, low and persistent before being replaced by the busy flutterings of sparrows under the roof-tiles as the sun comes up ! Then there was disruption by the the brief hard frost two weeks ago that seemed to dampen their ardour, then numbers building up in recent days, 11 at last count, with two seen 'piggy-backing' on the path as the children went to school yesterday and then the first actual frogspawn seen by my daughter Alice this afternoon.

 (* See previous first spawning dates in the same pond)

26th February 2015
23rd February 2014
21st January 2013
19th February 2012
11th February 2011

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