Monday, 2 May 2011

Swift Return

I am 95% sure that I saw two swifts above our house yesterday. The swallows returned a few weeks ago and the house martins also but as yet I hadn't seen any swifts. Swallows, nesting in the horse stables at a friend's house, returned the week before last as did those in Norfolk seen by both Adam and I resting on the phone lines in pairs. I think the two wheeling acrobats high up above me in the sunny sky were swifts as the curve of the wings appeared beautifully swift-like although I confess that I can't recall how different house-martins might have looked at such a height. Distant and only briefly I also heard the high shrill call that also persuaded me that I was looking at swifts but the next few days will hopefully allow me to confirm the sighting.

Also: When visiting the terrific Spike Island Open Studios in Bristol yesterday,, where I had a studio for 15 or so years until recently, I was able to show my children Patrick Haine's wonderful bird sculptures and the attached photograph is one of several life size swallow inspired pieces.

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  1. Beautiful sculpture and wonderful birds. They've been here for a few days but are now coming in serious numbers!