Saturday, 7 May 2011

Warming up

Since Easter we've had a prevailing cold Easterly wind, but the last 48 hours has seen an increase in temperature. In the sunshine yesterday morning we were treated to the fantastic sight of this barn owl hunting in the field opposite our house. They seem very systematic in their hunting, almost as a gun dog quarters a field. Presumably this strategy gives them the best chance of finding prey in the long grass, which this one seemed to do regularly. We think he is roosting in an old horse box left undisturbed in the field, though at this stage we don't want to get close enough to check in case there are young.

The sunshine also sets off the bluebells that are out in force in local woods, and are redolent of this early summer period. Yesterday I heard the first screams of returning swifts, and today the first group helter-skeltering along the row at rooftop height; harking back to my first post on this blog, this is a sight that fills me with such joy, that summer is here, to be enjoyed.

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