Sunday, 1 May 2011

Wherryman's Way Walk

The Wherryman's Way follows the line of the Yare, with diversions, from Great Yarmouth to Norwich. On Friday we walked the section from Chedgrave to Langley Abbey, via Hardley. Although all within a few miles of our house, it was all unknown territory, and revealed itself to be a delight. With the river Chet on one side, the footpath winds along with the expanse Hardley Flood on the other, and so one is surrounded by water and attendant birdlife - ducks, swans, grebes, warblers and buntings hooting, flitting, warbling and most of all, breeding. I've never seen so many duckings in a single day!

The Chet then meets the main Yare again at Hardley Cross, where the marshes throb with life, along with, across the river, Reedham, Cantley and Strumpshaw marshes. With no effort we saw Marsh Harriers, Kestrels, Herons, Egrets, Chinese Water Deer and Red Admirals to pick out just a few species. Although the individual species make one stop and comment, it is the overall fecundity of the environment that is almost overwhelming. As Duncan was saying in his recent post about the coast at Winterton, we are blessed with habitats locally that provide as exciting natural history as one will find anywhere in the world!

Oh, and over lunch we were serenaded by our first Cuckoo of the year. It being the 29th April, it was 12 days later than the earliest reported locally this year.

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