Saturday, 20 August 2011

Farne Islands - Above Water

Really enjoying walking along the coast from Sea Houses back to the campsite each evening after we have filled the dive air tanks for the next day's diving. The 2 mile path takes you through a golf course and along a cliff and then along the huge arching beach behind the dunes by the road and the campsite. There are many birds, particularly pipers and other waders in the shallows and on the wallowing reefs just off shore. Also lots of wonderful rock-pools and I have collected many discarded crab shells and feathers as well as finding time to sit on the steps at Sea Houses harbour and sketch the fishing boats. Learnt never to sit at 5-o-clock in a harbour and draw because, as fast as I could sketch, new boats came into harbour to moor up for the night and so everything changed. Saw a common lizard sunning itself on the afternoon rocks, and was able to get surprisingly close before it darted off, and also found a striking yellow and black caterpillar on the footpath which I think will become a cinnebar moth although the last one I saw was as a child at a bird reserve in Hunstanton in north Norfolk.

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