Monday, 22 August 2011

Farne Islands - Under Water

Spent a great 4 days diving in the Farne Islands. Dives characterised by good visibility, steep underwater cliffs, lobsters and seals. we dived a number of wrecks but mainly focused on scenic underwater landscapes. The gulleys and cliffs were thick with life and amongst the dead mans' fingers and other soft corals and sponges, we saw nudibranchs, squat lobsters, shore and edible crabs, thousands of sea-urchins and short-spined sea scorpions. There were a huge number of lobsters of all sizes with many out and about on the ledges and rocks while the really big ones could be seen deep in rock piles safe from divers, seals and lobster pots. Fish were surprisingly scarce, no doubt because of the predations of the seal colony, but pollack could be seen on the deeper dives, the occasional cod hidden under the wreck plates, butterfish and other blennies and scorpion fish on the rocks and few congers deep in the crevices. We saw one beautiful octopus hiding in it's daytime lair but failed to find any of the elusive wolf-fish which can apparently be more reliably found further north at St Abbs.

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