Sunday, 15 January 2012


On the Kings Lane on Saturday morning, as I cycled up to football with my son, we found a dead badger in the gateway by a field. It didn't look as if it had been hit by a car but was neatly laid out on the floor, dead. Perhaps it had a disease or died in the cold ? It certainly had astonishingly long claws and a perfect coat, all bristling silver hairs with black underneath. I remember my Father had a badger hair shaving brush, incredibly soft strong bristles and this begs the question - Where do shaving brush manufacturers get badger hair? Badgers are protected and I don't believe that they are farmed for fur and I doubt if teams of Gillette road kill collectors scour the lanes ? I took the badger home, having collected my trailer as it was surprisingly heavy, and laid it out to photograph and draw. It was a bit cold drawing and I got distracted by talking to my neighbour Mike over the fence and I'm not 'allowed' to take big dead things in the house, so I will have to settle for photographs. I think it's a bit big for me to deal with as a novice taxidermist and my 'special' freezer is full already so I will hide it away outside for nature to 'do it's business' and then perhaps retrieve the bones so that I can reconstruct the skeleton, watch this space.


  1. Wow, Brock-tastic. Looks like a fabulous subject for drawing as well, with lovely textures in the sunshine.

  2. Hi Ads, I don't know how you replied at 10.12 am when I hadn't posted until an hour ago, I know Norfolk is a long way away but that would put you in New Zealand. It is indeed a beautiful thing although more so when alive of course and I am placed in one of my endless predicaments - how to save it, preserve it, not loose it....The cycle will have already have started but at least the flies are largely absent in the winter and the cold works in my favour.

  3. Well, I think you surpass me on the "what have you brought home today?" challenge. Looks fantastic, when are you bringing it in to college for 'still life drawing classes'. Such a shame though, they are beautiful.