Saturday, 21 January 2012

Organising thoughts and bones

Saturday morning, the girls are having a 'spa', the are boys doing 'kick club' and I can think about art for a micro-second before football club in the park. (*Similar to spending an hour and half standing on the Beardmore glacier). I have been organising my mouse and shrew bones late at night as I must get on with my new piece of work. Sold a piece of sculpture in London this week, which is a pleasant surprise, and I want to get a new piece to the gallery by Wednesday night. Planning a new wall based owl pellet ossuary and considering mounting mouse and vole teeth onto gold-leaf but haven't found enough yet so busy sifting about in my trays - panning for molars. On the wild-life front this week, there has clearly been a battle for territory or life around the bird table as there are feathers on the floor and one of the feeders, with hook, has been knocked to the ground. I suspect a sparrowhawk assault on a feeding small bird. Also I have it on good advice, from a friend at work who takes wonderful photographs, that there are short eared owls to be seen locally on a piece of moorland and that the best time to see them flying low over the fields is at about 2pm. I am going to plan a visit to try to take some photographs. Note to self: I still need to deal with the badger which is in the trailer.

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