Friday, 12 April 2013


I was down in London recently and with a bit of time on my hands in the City, I popped into one of my favourite places there, Bunhill Fields burial ground on City Rd.

One of my inspirations, William Blake (my musical projects Nobodaddy is named after a poem of his), is buried there, as is Daniel Defoe and John Bunyan. As with a lot of urban graveyards, it is a green oasis, and this has been enhanced by this rather impressive Hibernaculum. It provides a range of habitats for dormant insects and is part of a project that placed 5 architect and engineer designed hibernacula across green spaces in London.

Any garden could easily be enhanced by a version - some old bricks, planks, pallets, twigs, pine cones, grass cuttings, paper etc could be put together to make a simple insect hibernaculum, or look at the RSPB advice on building one for amphibians and reptiles.

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