Saturday, 13 April 2013

The first swallows return, hurrah.

End of the Easter break with the children frantically charging around the garden making the most of these last days of freedom. Fun outside yesterday making bird boxes from my collection of old planks in a garden surely just about to blossum and many single large dopey bumble bees gaining strength in the intermittent sunshine. I've been spending the evenings planning new artwork between marking student essays and also catching up on thank-you artwork for friends. (*Beneath, postcards for Oliver and Ann who have given me skulls in recent weeks.)

It feels very un spring-like this morning however, with horizontal rain hammering on our hoods as we cheered the under 8 football teams as they played their matches in Taunton. But, but - high above us, and blustered by the wind, we watched the first two returning swallows that I have seen grimly making their way south hoping for warmer weather.

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