Saturday, 17 August 2013

The summer is waning, the insects are falling.

Grabbed a last few days in Claxton as August creeps on and the quality of light and the departure of the swallows betrays a turning of the seasons and a suggestion that this summer chapter is ending. One of the many small indicators that we have had the best of the season is the number of dead bumblebees I am finding on the ground. In the last week I have found as many as I have found in the rest of the year, just by keeping my eye out, watching the floor and pavement edges. The conservatory at Claxton was littered with dead insects yesterday and I laid out the one day's finds, see beneath. The large white butterflies seem fatally drawn to the warm glass room and lie like fallen blossoms on the windowsills amongst the scattering of flies, moths and bees. Also a possible 'Ringlet Butterfly - Aphantopus hyperanthus (*Third row, far right ?). 

First experiments tonight with my camera extension rings. A lot cheaper than buying a new lens but requiring a lot of light and a steady hand so I will have another go tomorrow in daylight with a tripod. I think this small specimen might be a 'Common carder bee - Bombus pascuorum' and I now plan to photograph all of the bees to help identification and to use as reference for a series of illustrations.

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