Sunday, 18 May 2014

Birds Awake Early

The birds are awake and singing at 3.54 am at the moment.

Great to have the evenings back with the wonderful light after work hours. Found a dead buzzard by the road on the ridgeway yesterday where I often see them lifting in the rising air along the ridge and have put it in the freezer - I must deal with my taxidermy projects and I'd love to mount the buzzard with its wings open as the feathers are stunning. The swifts are back on-mass in the village, there are young rabbits tumbling into the roads and I saw my second slow worm of the year this week, basking on the road as I cycled home from work on Friday night.

It's interesting to note that two of the significant wildlife encounters of the last few days, have been on the road. I suppose it's inevitable as I traverse to and from the various commitments on these strips of tarmac that cut across this green and pleasant land.

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