Saturday, 31 May 2014

Sun and Sand - Horsey Gap

Great afternoon at Horsey Gap on the Norfolk Coast. Lots of wildlife to be seen with the resident seals peering out of the water from the surf line and terns and gulls overhead. Explored the dunes with the ever-present backdrop of skylark song, the rhythm of breaking waves and the buzz of insects. Saw a large adder move quickly off the path as I approached and was unable to find it in the marram grass so couldn't show the children, they're surprisingly fast when warmed up by the sun - both adders and children. No sign of seal bones on the beach so the winter casualties have clearly all now been removed by scavengers, time and tide. Found some crab claws in the line of seaweed and in an error of judgement I offered the children 2p for each claw found and within the hour was down by £6. I love this beach.

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