Monday, 5 May 2014

Devon Falcons and Adders

 Wonderful cliff-top walk around the headland from Mill Bay towards Gara Rock and Prawle Point. So much to see.

All looking through the binoculars for basking sharks and dolphins, as I've see them here many times in the past, but no luck and it was all we could do to keep up with the children running ahead on the high path. Saw two peregrine falcons hunting along the cliff face and actually saw one of them stoop, with wings folded back, arrow straight shooting towards the ground at an astonishing speed. The children found a small basking adder, which disappeared into the heather before I could photograph it, and we looked at bloody nose beetles and a beautiful little slow worm. The wonderful beach rock-pools were wonderfully clear and a lot of fun was had as we hunted and caught blennies and sand eels.

Note: Martin at work tells me that his dog was bitten on the nose by an adder this week. It has survived I believe but it's astonishing as we had talked about this only a few days earlier after I told him about the one that we saw in Devon.

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